Digital Open-Source Global Investigations Lab

Room: Opzoomerkamer
Language: English

By Brianne Mc Gonigle.

Are you interested in how students develop digital inquiry skills and help shape a better tomorrow? Sign up for this workshop about the Open-Source Global Justice Investigations Lab. This new interdisciplinary course on digital open-source investigation is taking place in study periods 2 and 3 of academic year 2023-2024.

In the workshop, we share student and teacher experiences from a new transdisciplinary lab offered to both bachelor and master students from across the university. We talk about how students learn digital skills and how to cope with sometimes sensitive images and text, and how they contribute to the work of societal partners operating in the global justice world. We discuss how you can help students working with these types of materials, even without learning all the digital skills. Additionally we will discuss how you can embed these digital inquiry skills in your regular classes, within or beyond the global justice field.