Infovaders: A game for teaching information literacy skills in the age of AI and information overload

Room: Kanunnikenzaal
Language: English

By Anja Bastenhof, Ruud Dielen, Marie-Louise Goudeau, and Ingrid van der Heijde.

Earth as you know it is no more. You inhabit a new planet and are tasked with designing its information landscape. What values do you deem important? And can you make wise choices in an age of information overflow and artificial intelligence, when truth gets more and more confused with fiction? What will academia look like and will access still be open? 

The rise of the applications of AI, Open Science and an increase in the amount of information we receive and how we receive it ask powerful critical thinking skills of today's students. This educational board game, currently in its pilot phase, challenged players to critically think about what an ideal information landscape would look like. In this session, we will discuss how this game can be implemented in teaching. If you survive... 

With only Dutch (listening) participants, the language of the session may change to Dutch.