Education with Extended Reality: an interactive exploration

Room: Kanunnikenzaal
Language: Nederlands

By Jan Bouwman and Jeroen Rou.

Get inspired and think about the possibilities of Extended Reality (XR)! XR includes technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) that combine the physical and digital worlds and offer endless possibilities for creating learning experiences for students.

In two rooms (and the digital world!), you will get the chance to engage in discussions, reflect together on the added value of XR in education and get inspired by the various XR projects that will be demonstrated. Dive into a new world where you can, for example, practice conversation skills, view 3D models of animals, and practice with performing a sterile lab experiment. This way, you will get inspired about the possibilities of XR for your teaching, and learn from each other's experiences. Put on the AR/VR glasses and experience it for yourself!